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‘’Regarding leather market, United Chemicals produces a complete range of chemicals and chemical auxiliaries in order to offer
a complete service to the tannery industry.’’

With our extensive range of syntans and fatliquors, United Chemicals products can be used to achieve the desired physical appearance on leathers.

United Chemicals have an extensive dyestuff catalogue for leathers and furs that have an important role for production of high fashion goods.

Starting from curing up to tanning, United Chemicals offers a complete set of chemicals for every fundamental step of beamhouse operations.

United Chemicals have a wide range of finishing products including acrylic, polyurethane, lacquer, wax, filler and pigments, compounds and etc. which is used to create a fashion-oriented aesthetic and appealing leather.   UNIBIN P 1200 Aqueous co-polymer dispersion UNIBIN P 1230 Aqueous co-polymer dispersion UNIBIN P 1300 Aqueous reactive co-polymer dispersion UNIBIN P 1380 Aqueous […]

United Chemicals was founded on its unique ability to create and manufacture innovative solutions on tailor made chemicals for industrial application. It is a leading company that customizes on the production of special chemicals for leather.


Years of research and innovation in polymers resulted in the development of FOSMASOL and FOSMATAN products that give high quality leathers for various uses.


We will be at APLF Leather Fair in Hong Kong between 29-31 March. We are pleased to welcome you in our stand located at 1B-B23.